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How Remote Monitoring is Revolutionising the CCTV Industry

Feb 9, 2023  •  min read

Technology never stands still, and business today would be careless not to keep up with the current trends, especially in a field as important as surveillance. Modern CCTV systems are not just an active crime deterrent, but a crucial health and safety tool, a means to optimise operational efficiency, and an important factor in bringing down business costs. In this article we look specifically at the key role remote monitoring plays in achieving these objectives.


Remote CCTV monitoring is a cost-effective security solution that protects your business, commercial property or home from criminal and environmental damage and loss. Not every business needs or can afford a permanently manned station, which is where remote monitoring becomes indispensable. Effortlessly integrating with a range of monitoring platforms including Sentinel & Immix, Concept Pro’s surveillance systems provide 24/7 observation, with fewer wasted man hours alongside greater reliability and efficiency.


  • Effortless, Efficient Security Around the Clock

An efficient CCTV system goes away with the need for staff to constantly observe monitors. With cameras utilising True WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, recording images up to 4K resolution, no detail is missed. But the real efficiency savings are in the use of Advanced Analytics – with Concept Pro’s industry leading Deep Learning AI using algorithms to recognise custom events, boost your site intelligence, and create automatic alerts for key stakeholders. AI can detect unwanted behaviours from loitering, fallen persons, non-PPE compliance (such as the failure of staff to correctly wear hi-vis vests or hard hats), theft, and anti-social conduct. Meanwhile thermal camera technology detects visitors or staff with fevers, dangerous levels of heat build-up, and helps identify intruders in cases of poor visibility.

Advanced Analytics mean only true cause for concern triggers an automatic alert, filtering out false alarms and allowing your security personnel to focus on what they do best.


  • Reduce False Detections

Concept Pro offers a suite of AI to ensure solutions for even the most challenging of sites. The Deep Learning algorithms in Concept Pro products radically advances false alarm filtering by accurately and reliably identifying people and vehicles, then providing events based on tracking their behaviour ensuring you receive only the events that matter


Gone are the days of relying on PIR sensors with nuisance alarms triggered by steam vents, adverse weather or animals causing important events to be missed by monitoring stations. Have peace of mind that installing a Concept Pro system to be remotely monitored will ensure the right events are dealt with rapidly.

How Automatic Alerts Work for your Business

Having established a list of events a business wishes to be alerted to, the next step is how that alert is transmitted, and to whom. Alerts can be sent by email or phone, trigger an alarm, a fire suppressant system, a remote monitoring station, the authorities, close entrances and exits, send an audio message onsite via a PA system – or a combination of all the above.

Concept Pro offers a user-friendly app for both iOS and Android, allowing stakeholders a simple interface to view and interact with their CCTV system. Receive push notifications from anywhere in the world, and gain real-time access to live audio and visual footage in up to 4K of detail. Footage, both live and historical can be reviewed at any time, and saved for sharing or later examination.



As a growing but modestly-sized company, we’ve found Concept Pro’s Remote Monitoring solutions save both time and money, proving an invaluable investment for our business.


Concept Pro’s Head of Product Development, JP, explains how algorithms are being customized to overcome those challenges specific to Remote Monitoring.

“What happens in most initial meetings with system integrators & retail end users is a moment of enlightenment when they realize how sophisticated Ai has become & how easy it is in overcoming their most complex challenges very simply. A notable example of this was when a large national retailer was challenging us to identify the best location for new promotional locations. Historically, they found it difficult to identify the best location instore & required their promotion to perform as good as possible. By using heat mapping, dwell time, loitering rules & occupancy management, we could serve the retailer key locations across their footprint where customers were spending most time. Furthermore, we also delivered real time data for when check outs were busy and this would then be fed into the retailer portal notifying management that they needed to open another check out”.

What Can Concept Pro Deep Learning Plus Analytics Do For Me?

“At Concept Pro we’re aware that our customers have to contend with a variety of budgets, but a streamlined, cost-effective solution doesn’t have to mean a lessening of safety in any way. It’s about smart security, and this is where Remote Monitoring is so impressive. In the past surveillance systems required a physically-manned station, relying on human diligence and interpretation – as flawed as that can be – to identify threats. But Remote Monitoring allows business owners and security teams to get on with their jobs, leaving Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect noteworthy events, and in turn trigger alerts to be sent to designated persons. Deep Learning Motion Detection technology means false alarms from, for example animals, weather, or foliage, are filtered out of the equation, leaving only the events you need to know about.”

Our advanced suite of algorithms can be fully customized to suit your needs – for more information click here.

Interested in Customizing your rules – here’s how the process works

We caught up with Debbie Carter, Business Development Manager at Concept Pro to understand how the process works for customizing algorithms for retail solutions. “Firstly, we hold a consultation meeting which can be face to face, at Concept Pro locations across the UK, at your premises or an end user venue. Here we collectively develop a brief based upon the specific project challenges & subsequent solutions. Once we have fully scoped the project, we develop a project timeline that includes each key stage in the development, regular check-in’s, itemized costings & key stakeholder involvement. Then after each element of the plan is approved by both integrator and end user, we move onto the development itself. Once developed we then go through an in-depth testing process. (Testing is something that Concept Pro takes incredibly seriously and does diligently ensuring the highest standards ae met). Testing takes time, but our customers are informed regularly through project update meetings, however this is determined by the complexities of the request. Concept Pro’s testing procedure is a carefully selected blend of internal testing at CP headquarters and once approved by a CP technical expert we then move into onsite testing which always involves a real end user environment or if this isn’t possible a proof-of-concept environment. Here is where we invite the integrator and end user to witness and even sometimes participate in the real environment test. Once all stakeholders are happy we then release to the customer.”

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