How Cutting-edge CCTV Systems are Meeting Logistics Challenges

Feb 9, 2023  •  min read

From deterring theft and improving health and safety, to reducing insurance premiums and helping businesses challenge spurious accusations of damage to consignments – modern surveillance systems are playing a vital role in the logistics sector. The latest in camera hardware technology, combined with advanced analytics, are keeping staff and assets safe, while streamlining security processes and saving companies money.

Logistics companies are involved in the planning and implementation of storing and transporting often high-value goods within supply chains. Security teams within the industry have to contend with ever more complex demands, complying with evolving health and safety legislation, dealing with theft from storage locations, thefts during transportation, fraudulent claims, and in rare cases the threat of terrorism. So having a comprehensive, intelligent surveillance system is more imperative now than ever.

  • Powerful Camera Technology for Modern Industry Needs

Concept Pro AHD cameras provide the highest image quality imaginable in even the most challenging of environments. Sleek, British-built and aesthetically pleasing, their progressive scan CMOS image sensors provide unmatched image detail, including in poor light, in up to 4K resolution. Utilising ColourSmart technology, supplemental light, incredible zoom functionality and anti-overexposure, images are razor sharp in all conditions – perfect for capturing faces and vehicle licence plates.

Combined with an AHD recorder, security teams will experience space-saving technology, simple remote monitoring, and the highest possible cyber security.

  • How Advanced Analytics are Putting the Smart into Smart Security

The future of CCTV is Deep Learning Video analytics, a form of imagery analysis that identifies objects and behaviours in real time. Through a multi-layered network of algorithms, Concept Pro’s software is programmable to instantly alert business and security teams to the events they care about; suspicious behaviour, health and safety violations, fallen persons, while simultaneously, and drastically, reducing false alarms. Analytics can also be used to improve efficiency, develop better risk analysis, use facial recognition to monitor the working hours of staff, while also promoting best practice in occupational health.


Concept Pro’s intelligent alerts cut right to the chase, showing us only what we need to see, which is so important in a just-in-time working environment


Concept Pro’s Head of Product Development, JP, explains how algorithms are being customized to overcome those challenges specific to the logistics sector.

“It’s vital for logistics companies to have total control of all critical points in the logistics chain. From tracking and detecting threats to your shipments, monitoring loading and unloading, enforcing health and safety, licence plate detection, to improving operational efficiency; a smart security system is a powerful investment. But where Concept Pro goes a step further is in its industry-leading use of algorithms. Behavioural analysis can detect dangerous driving, suspicious activities, staff failing to comply with safety protocols, and much more. Following a comprehensive consultation process, practically any behaviour or event that employers are interested in monitoring can be programmed for automatic recognition and intelligent alert generation. The commercial benefits are invaluable.”

What Can Concept Pro Deep Learning Plus Analytics Do For Me?

With Deep Learning Plus algorithms you can unlock the true potential of a fully-integrated CCTV solution. With features such as face and mask detection, facial recognition, people counting, thermal human detection, PPE safety detection, license plate recognition, enhanced vehicle detection, active privacy masking, fallen persons, behavioural patterns and more. In fact there’s almost nothing Deep Learning Plus can’t do. Concept Pro’s industry-leading software has a comprehensive list of human and vehicle detection algorithms, perfect for false alarm filtering. But it’s designed to solve a multitude of industrial sector challenges that go far beyond just false alarm filtering and human detection, its potential is limited by the imagination alone.

Our advanced suite of algorithms can be fully customized to suit your needs – for more information click here.

Interested in Customizing your rules – here’s how the process works

We caught up with Debbie Carter, Business Development Manager at Concept Pro, to understand how the process works for customizing algorithms for logistics solutions.

Firstly, we hold a consultation meeting with new clients which can be face-to-face at Concept Pro locations across the UK, at your premises, or an end user venue. This is our opportunity to collectively develop a brief, based upon the specific project challenges and our identified solutions. Once we have fully scoped the project, we create a timeline that factors in each key development stage, including regular check-ins, itemized costings, and key stakeholder involvement. After each element of the plan is approved, by both integrator and end user, we move onto the development itself. Then we go through an in-depth testing process, something Concept Pro takes incredibly seriously and does diligently to ensure the very highest standards are met. Testing takes time, but our customers are updated regularly through project update meetings, and is determined by the complexities of the request. Concept Pro’s testing procedure is a carefully selected blend of internal testing at CP headquarters, and once approved by a CP technical expert, moves onto onsite testing, which will always involve a real end-user environment. Or if this isn’t possible, a proof-of-concept environment. Here is where we invite the integrator and end user to witness and sometimes participate in the real environment test. Once all stakeholders are happy we then release to the customer.”

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