How Deep Learning Analytics is Building a Safer Environment for the Construction Industry.

Feb 9, 2023  •  min read

An all-in-one, reliable security solution for site management is crucial for the construction sector, now more than ever. Here we look at how Concept Pro are at the forefront of modern CCTV technology, reducing accidents, saving construction companies money, while bringing health and safety into the 21st Century.

Extensive CCTV coverage of construction sites has been an essential aspect of site management for decades, but needs and the law have changed with time, and choosing the right site management system has never been more important. Concept Pro’s advanced Deep Learning Analytics automate your health and safety policy with an impressive suite of tools that go beyond just preventing break-ins and theft. They can, for example: detect staff not wearing the correct safety equipment, including hard hats and / or PPE; monitor the speeds of vehicles; detect heat build-up before fires can break out; ensure vehicles and forklifts remain at a safe distance from workers; and spot injured persons or anti-social or criminal behaviour.

  • Supercharge On-Site Safety With Rapid Deployment Towers

Temporary site works, for example construction projects, excavations, highway works, demolitions or installations, are as in need of a comprehensive security system as any permanent site, and rapid deployment CCTV Towers provide the perfect solution. These state-of-the-art towers offer an instant visual deterrent, fully utilise Concept Pro’s sophisticated Deep Learning Plus algorithms, while providing intelligent power options to prevent downtime. These tower systems seamlessly switch to powerful lithium batteries, offering three full days of charge in the event of mains power loss, but will also shift from an on-site network connection to a 4G signal in the event of network signal loss, providing an uninterrupted service for every contingency.

The Importance of On-Site Thermal Cameras

Fire safety is a crucial aspect of site security, meaning incorporating high quality thermal detection cameras into your CCTV system is non-negotiable. In addition to providing instant alerts in the event of heat build-up, preventing fires before they even start, Concept Pro thermal cameras utilise high resolution thermal sensors to provide exceptional detection at distance making them ideal to protect the perimeter of your site.

Instant Alerts with Concept Pro’s Fully-integrated App, Wherever You Are in The World

Designed for ease of use and peace of mind, site owners and security teams can download both iOS and Android versions of the Concept Pro app, granting 24/7 access to your security system in 4K resolution. Push notifications will instantly alert you to heat build-up, intruders, loitering or fallen persons amongst any other event type you may wish to be alerted to. Stay ahead of the game with direct access to your camera and microphone system, with footage easily shared and saved to your mobile device.


We’ve used a lot of systems over the years on our sites, but nothing compares to Concept Pro’s incredible tool suite and advanced AI.


Concept Pro’s Head of Product Development, JP, explains how algorithms are being customized to overcome those challenges specific to the construction sector.

“The beauty of a Concept Pro system, beyond its renowned reliability, is its versatility. In the construction industry security is essential, and while a construction site might be temporary, peace of mind has to be permanent. A world-beating security system can be installed in the time it takes to put in a phone call, and with our advanced analytics you’ll have in all-in-one solution that can reduce accidents, prevent theft, detect fires, and so much more. The sky’s the limit. While obvious examples include detecting intruders, antisocial behaviour, loitering and vehicle detection, our software can be programmed to detect staff and visitors not wearing protective equipment or arriving with a fever, injured persons, fires before they build up, unsafe operation of machinery or vehicles, and much more besides. Concept Pro’s progressive scan CMOS image sensors are world-beating, providing crystal-clear images, night and day, allowing you to see clearly even in even the most complex of environments.

An intelligent surveillance operation reduces the need for physical patrols – allowing you to better utilise your resources – while simultaneously improving safety. It can be integrated with your fire alarm system while spotting accidents or behaviour that could lead to an accident.”

What Can Concept Pro Deep Learning Plus Analytics Do For Me?

With Deep Learning Plus algorithms you can unlock the true potential of a fully-integrated CCTV solution. With features such as face and mask detection, facial recognition, people counting, thermal human detection, PPE safety detection, license plate recognition, enhanced vehicle detection, active privacy masking, fallen persons, behavioural patterns and more. In fact there’s almost nothing Deep Learning Plus can’t do. Concept Pro’s industry-leading software has a comprehensive list of human and vehicle detection algorithms, perfect for false alarm filtering. But it’s designed to solve a multitude of construction sector challenges that go far beyond just false alarm filtering and human detection, its potential is limited by the imagination alone.

Our advanced suite of algorithms can be fully customized to suit your needs – for more information click here.

Interested in Customizing your rules – here’s how the Process works

We caught up with Debbie Carter, Business Development Manager at Concept Pro, to understand how the process works for customizing algorithms for construction solutions.

Firstly, we hold a consultation meeting with new clients which can be face-to-face at Concept Pro locations across the UK, at your premises, or an end user venue. This is our opportunity to collectively develop a brief, based upon the specific project challenges and our identified solutions. Once we have fully scoped the project, we create a timeline that factors in each key development stage, including regular check-ins, itemized costings, and key stakeholder involvement. After each element of the plan is approved, by both integrator and end user, we move onto the development itself. Then we go through an in-depth testing process, something Concept Pro takes incredibly seriously and does diligently to ensure the very highest standards are met. Testing takes time, but our customers are updated regularly through project update meetings, and is determined by the complexities of the request. Concept Pro’s testing procedure is a carefully selected blend of internal testing at CP headquarters, and once approved by a CP technical expert, moves onto onsite testing, which will always involve a real end-user environment. Or if this isn’t possible, a proof-of-concept environment. Here is where we invite the integrator and end user to witness and sometimes participate in the real environment test. Once all stakeholders are happy we then release to the customer.”

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