Deep Learning Plus

Deep Learning analytics from Concept Pro

Generate a significant return on your CCTV costs by  Utilising the latest in AI technology from Concept Pro.

Using the footage generated by your CCTV camera, AI technology can identify objects of interest such as humans and vehicles, and track their behaviour. This can provide a wealth of business intelligence to drive better commercial decision making.

Specially designed algorithms can tell you when a person has fallen over, inform when vehicles and people get to close, or let you know when staff or customers enter areas they shouldn't, helping you drive health and safety improvements with minimal oversight.

Deep learning plus can also use CCTV footage to help automate processes. Automatically manage car parks using ANPR, monitor customer flows to staff at efficient levels and utilise aggregate data to plan better for the future.


Deep learning plus is the Concept Pro Flagship deep learning system and unleashes the full potential of Deep Learning analytics.

An immensely powerful device dedicated to providing highly accurate and effective AI solutions positioned to solve numerous security & commercial challenges across a wide array of sectors.

Deep Learning Plus rivals leading VMS platforms for analytics capabilities.

Deep Learning Plus can be used as an expansion device capable of plugging into almost any CCTV system regardless of brand allowing you to significantly expand the capabilities of existing installations without having to reinstall or replace equipment.

Deep Learning Plus Datasheet 2022


Deep Learning Plus: Applications

Commercial Applications

Deep learning plus isn’t just there to detect intruders. Deep Learning Plus has a broad range of applications that can drive commercial results for your business. From improving health & safety, reducing theft to providing business intelligence to drive informed decisions, we’re confident our technology can improve your businesses bottom line.

Human and Vehicle

human and vehicle

How it works:

This algorithm accurately and reliably identifies humans and or vehicles and can be used to alarm based on tracking their trajectory.


Learn more about the aggregate behaviour of customers in a retail environment. Be notified when customers spend a set amount of time looking around high value objects. Improve retail experience by notifying staff when customers approach unmanned tills. Keep vehicles and people separate at in warehouse environments and notify drivers if people enter their area. Manage car parks and traffic flows by overlaying object counting

People Counting

Deep learning analytics - people counting algorithm - facial recognition for banking sector.

How it works:

This algorithm counts peoples or vehicles that cross a line or enter an area. The results can link into other systems to trigger an action. Reports can also be generated to improve business intelligence.


Manage the occupancy levels of any site. Understand flow of people in a multitude of settings. Proactively manage flow of traffic for local authorities and manage the flow of customers at events or react to increased levels of people at specific areas at events.

Thermal Human Detection

Thermal image of an industrial building.

How it works:

Thermal Human Detection was devised to accurately identify humans when using thermal cameras


Excellent for perimeter defence to provide additional event when an identified heat signature can be confirmed as a person

Enhanced Vehicle Detection

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras by Concept Pro

How it works:

Enhanced Vehicle Detection can accurately detect vehicles based on subclass splits used to create demographic data. System users are able to ascertain which type of vehicles are being used in a situation, which colour vehicles are being detected and also search back through footage restricting search criteria by vehicle type and colour


These features make this algorithm ideal for local authorities in detecting when bus and cycle lanes and also pedestrianised areas are incorrectly used. In addition, being able to search by vehicle type and colour is extremely useful when attempting to identify subject vehicles


Demographic Monitoring

How it works:

This algorithm can estimate the age and gender of identified humans.


Customise advertisements in public spaces to match that of desired audiences. Learn more about the demographics of your customer base and receive reports of the aggregate data.

Safety Helmet Detection

PPE safety detection in industrial settings

How it works:

The system can be configured to trigger an alarm output or to notify a system controller that an individual has entered a site or is on site without wearing the required safety equipment.


Able to accurately identify whether or not a safety Helmet is worn, Safety Helmet Detection is an ideal solution for construction, warehouse, roadworks and production facilities.

High Vis Jacket Detection


How it works:

The system can be configured to trigger an alarm output or to notify a system controller that an individual has entered a site or is on site without wearing the required safety equipment.


Ideal health & safety solution for construction, warehouse, roadworks and production facilities.


vehicle detection

How it works:

Licence Plate Recognition can be used to allow entrance and exit from a location, it can record who enters and exits a site and when, and it can be used to control site speeds and alert users as to when speeds are being exceeded. License Plate Recognition is available in three speed settings, low, medium and high.


This algorithm can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, ranging from car parks to work’s entrances and restricted areas. One potential use would be in haulage and another would be financial collections.

Fallen Person Detection

Deep Learning fallen person algorithm for logistic sectors.

How it works:

Fallen Person Detection can detect if an individual has fallen, trigger a relay output to an alarm output and in turn notify staff in a prompt fashion so they can respond immediately.


Ideal for lone workers, athletic facilities and healthcare environments.

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Deep Learning Plus: Applications


Deep Learning Plus is an exceptional tool in the fight against crime. Use the latest AI technology to be notified when a crime is about to happen

Ensure your site is monitored efficiently by using Deep Learning Plus from Concept Pro

Efficient Remote Monitoring

Deep Learning plus provides only the events that matter meaning your site is monitored in the most efficient way possible allowing a swift response to threats.

Typically monitored sites will rely on PIR sensors to notify when there is activity on a site when there shouldn’t be. Whilst these are great at detecting when there is motion caused by an object with a heat signature, they lack the configuration options and ability to identify what the object is to make them accurate enough to prevent significant amounts of false alarms.

Deep Learning Plus will only alarm when an object of interest (human or vehicle) behaves in a certain way defined by the below behavioural & tracking rules.

This means you will only receive the events that matter.


There are also a number of advanced features to tweak the installation for particularly challenging sites.


  • Perfectly match even the most complicated perimeter                                                                                                          Perfectly match the area you of interest with the ability for free draw areas and lines with an unlimited number of points.
  • Trigger events only for objects of interest                                                                                                                            Tweak how confident the deep learning system needs to be that the object in view is an object of interest before an event is triggered.
  • Ignore objects that don't pose a threat                                                                                                                                    Tell the system to ignore objects of interest that are stationary.
  • Ignore troublesome areas for particularly complex sites                                                                                                        Draw areas for the deep learning plus to ignore. This is great for reflections & street signs.
  • Combine with other technologies                                                                                                                                                  Combine other technologies such as PIR sensors to establish a double knock. The system will only alarm in the instance that both systems alarm simultaneously.


Like our full suite of recorders deep learning plus is also fully integrated with the leading monitoring station platforms allowing you to take full advantage of our flagship system for monitored sites.

Deep-learning-PIR_Concept Pro

Behaviour and tracking rules

Line Crossing


Area Entry


Area Intrusion






Reducing false alarms is of paramount importance to our customers and their end-users. That’s why our accurate perimeter notifications have unrivalled accuracy and multiple notification options.

Jonathan Pratt, Head of Product Management. Concept Pro

Be Notified

Deep Learning Plus has been designed to offer a wide array of event notification options allowing you to be notified of perimeter breaches when it matters.

  • Email


    Receive real time events with thumbnail images to an email server of your choice.

  • HTTP Commands

    HTTP/TCP Commands

    Utilised to trigger web based content or third party systems with detailed API documentation on request to integrate notifications into your existing systems.

  • Alarm

    Alarm relays

    Trigger analogue switch based equipment such as lighting, gates, intruder systems, access control systems and audio systems

  • VMS Intergration

    VMS integration

    Integrated with a suite of VMS providers to seamlessly link into your existing control room.

  • Audio

    Audio back channel

    Automatically play audio files on command.

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